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Grace Polo is delighted to offer monthly subscriptions to its E-Coaching platform for new and existing players to learn polo and improve their game.

Non-riders and riders alike can learn the “Polo Fundamentals” of the basic polo swings, polo riding and game theory.

Existing players can “Improve their Game” with a focus on precision riding, accurate hitting and a better understanding of the team tactics, using videos with an in-depth analysis of set plays, the rules and fouls and how to avoid them.

Questions will be addressed such as “How do I hit the ball with greater accuracy and power”, “Where do I stand for the knock-in” and “What do I do in the throw-in”.

Live online coaching with Victoria Grace

Victoria is delighted to host group and private sessions where she is delighted to discuss all aspects of the game. This will focus on team tactics & positional plays on the field, set plays for penalties, throw-ins, knock-ins, etc. Personal video can be sent through in advance of the session and analysed for improvement with respect to the polo swing, riding and theory of the game. Simple sign up, free of charge, below and register for the event.

Coaching in person

Victoria coaches riders and non-riders alike how to play polo and improve their game with a key focus on riding, hitting and team tactics / positional plays. Working with individuals of all ages, Victoria has been shown to get extraordinary results even after short periods of time as she focuses on the critical aspects of an individual’s game.

As co-founder and former director of Ascot Park Polo Club in the UK, Victoria worked alongside her father to establish it as the first training center for polo in England and grew it, over 24 years, into the largest in the world, teaching over 2500 people each year how to play polo and improve their game.

Victoria and Peter introduced to polo, many of the winners and sponsors of the top international polo events around the world including the Gold Cup, Queen’s Cup and U.S. Open.

Victoria is registered with the United States Polo Association (USPA) and also the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA). Victoria is a qualified HPA Instructor and authorised by the sport’s governing body to instruct polo at all levels of the game.

Victoria is currently coaching in the U.S. and also at various venues around the world, wherever she is playing.

Victoria's reputation speaks for itself......

“Victoria Grace is an excellent polo coach. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge how she has furthered my love for this sport. I began polo with a foundation in riding, however I quickly plateaued in my skills. As I encountered challenges with the game, I found myself becoming more nervous and less competitive. Victoria has turned that around with her technical knowledge and intuitive teaching style. She has identified the areas that I can improve, making the time in the saddle an absolute joy. I have learnt to communicate more precise signals to the horse and thereby get a beautiful response. I am looking forward to furthering my polo skills and my horsemanship with Victoria’s coaching”…… Shannon Nourbash

“I started playing polo not that long ago without any prior riding experience, but my love for horses, and the developing passion for polo, kept me going. To improve my riding and polo skills, I was recommended Victoria as a coach. From our very first meeting, everything was absolutely amazing – I cannot find words to describe her excellence. Here are just a few of her qualities:

  • Victoria undoubtedly understands the sport and leads by example. She is able to teach with an effective, in-depth understanding of the sport from the fundamental skills of polo to the advanced tactics and strategies.
  • She always comes with a plan for our training sessions: Prepare – Rehearse – Perform – Complete. She pays attention to my strengths and weaknesses and we develop communication that is tailored to my level of understanding of the sport. That, together with the fact that she is able to explain ideas clearly, give direct feedback and reinforce the key messages, keeps everything simple and easy to understand. As for our communication, she is a great listener and takes my comments, questions, and input very seriously.
  • I strongly believe that trust between an athlete and coach is of paramount importance at all times and essential for successful coaching. Trust comes from the quality of her actions where she clearly states a code of conduct up front, and she keeps it consistent. I also believe that her high energy, positive attitude, and great enthusiasm, provides me with even more motivation to improve my polo.
  • She keeps the practice fun, fresh and challenging.
  • Last, but not least, Victoria displays commitment and a clear passion for the sport that she loves, and she is constantly looking to improve me as a player. Because of Victoria, I am now playing polo competitively. If you want someone to coach you and propel your game to the next level, then Victoria is your answer.” Minya Bulic

Junior Polo

Victoria is delighted to work with youngsters of all ages to get them started with their riding and hitting in the right way to provide a great foundation from which they can excel as they ride and play more polo.

Victoria established the Junior Polo Academy at Ascot Park to encourage youngsters as young as 5 years old to learn to ride and play polo.

Starting to play in instructional chukkas, then into academy polo, lower club and finally club polo, gave new players a chance to get their confidence with riding a horse, hitting the ball and learning the rules and regulations of the game.