Victoria Grace has been a brand ambassador for many companies including Maybach, Asprey, Harrods, Piaget, Mercedes-Benz, Jean Lassale, Saab, and Perrier-Jouet, to name but a few.

Women’s High Goal Polo provides a target rich environment with ideal demographics for luxury brands wanting to reach the high-net-worth global market which can be found in amongst the polo players themselves and the audiences attending the events or following the international circuit coverage.

Superb venues around the U.S. including Palm Beach, Santa Barbara, Palm Desert, Newport, and Houston. Europe includes Windsor and Cowdray in the UK, Sotogrande in Spain, and Chantilly in France. Other event venues include polo clubs in South America, Asia and the Middle East.

Women’s High Goal Polo provides a targeted audience as women themselves drive 70 – 80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and their influence.

With Victoria Grace as a brand ambassador, Grace Polo will coordinate a media campaign to include television both regionally, nationally and internationally.

Grace Polo will coordinate with the marketing, sales and branding executives with respect to all team sponsorships to maximize branding and photo opportunities plus assists with facilitating direct and indirect networking access to the players and audiences alike.

Sponsorships can be managed to accommodate budgets of different levels, depending upon the number of events, their location and logistics.

Newport International Polo Series demographics


With Victoria Grace as a brand ambassador, Grace Polo will assist with coordinating a campaign with the PR, marketing, and brand executives to maximize media coverage and brand exposure for sponsors.

Victoria has a close relationship with multiple media outlets including live and on-demand TV, and particularly with those who reach an international polo audience.

Victoria has been associated with the media extensively over many years including: coaching TV presenter Matt Baker how to play polo for the children’s TV show Blue Peter (BBC prime time with 2m viewers); comedian Jack Dee for “Jack Dee’s Happy Hour” (BBC1 - 10 mins, prime time); and comedians “Hale and Pace” for their series “Jobs for the Boys” (BBC1, 40-minute documentary with director Nick Handel).”.

Polo Lady Magazine Fall 2021 edition carries an 8 page article on Victoria as part of their “Sisterhood” edition. It is the only international magazine for women in polo and is the official media partner for all the major women’s polo events worldwide. Click on this link to view the article on “The Amazing Graces